About mark ruchlewicz

About mark ruchlewicz

Some say it’s best if artists let their art do the talking.  I’m inclined to agree. However, with that having been said, I hope the bio that follows will complement my artwork and give you some added insight into who I am and what I’ve been up to artistically.

I was born in Toronto of an English mother and Polish father. My Mum was a warm and kind person, who was devoted to raising her three children.  My father was larger than life.  He had been a pilot in England before becoming an architect. Growing up, my focus was consistently pulled in numerous directions; drawing, painting, music and sports.  In addition, I had a curiosity and thirst for knowledge that was rooted in lengthy conversations with my Dad about the issues affecting our world.  This enduring interest in the events that were happening not only in our neighbourhood, but also globally, had sparked a strong passion, which I still have today.  While studying at university, I added teaching art to this core group of interests. I graduated York University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts and a Bachelor of Education.

My passion for teaching art had enabled me to enjoy 30 years of teaching at Wexford Collegiate School of the Arts. It was an incredible privilege and humbling experience to be in the company of so many talented students and colleagues. I have many, many, fond memories of wonderful experiences shared with likeminded young artists. I will forever be indebted to Peter Marsh, painter extraordinaire, my Curriculum Leader, mentor and now good friend, for his guidance and support. While teaching I continued to paint and displayed my works regularly in galleries and exhibitions throughout southern Ontario. My images have also been contracted with two stock image companies; where they’ve been sold for marketing purposes in over 30 different counties.

Many things have inspired my body of artwork over the course of 3 decades. As you explore, you may see how other artists have impacted my work. You will also see, perhaps more subtly, influences of flying with my Dad and my love of all things aerial. My appreciation and concern for our environment has been executed in some raw and unforgiving concepts, while others represent my safe haven and places of comfort. Some of these have been painted on curved surfaces in the hopes that one would feel enveloped by the serenity of the scene. My most recent series is representative of my view of our world today. This work tends to evoke different meanings to different people and I welcome the various interpretations of those willing to engage.

Not completely unusual being a visual artist, I also have a keen appreciation for music. By the time I was a teenager, I had teamed up with friends and other music enthusiasts to create original music. Most of my work in this arena has been in partnership with Collider (2009-2018) I was able to contribute lyrics, vocals and a particular favourite of mine, non traditional time signatures, on the drums. This has been another way for me to satisfy that artistic need to push boundaries. The fascinating part for me, working across artistic disciplines, is the overlap. In particular how my awareness of and my tendency to comment on current affairs, has played out as a continuous source of inspiration for much of my work, both visual and musical. Environmental, social, and political issues are all topics that have been explored in depth over time and across artistic disciplines.

So I invite you to browse, to pause and think. I hope you enjoy the art and I hope you debate it. Some of it may be controversial and harsh, while some of it may be beautiful, a sanctuary. Art provokes thought when it speaks to its audience.

What are your thoughts?